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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Going a New Direction or not...

I have been struggling with what I want to do with my creativity and have had a desire to rekindle my love of painting lately.  I spend a lot of time watching talented people on You Tube and can spend literally hours watching how people create.  In my younger years I always thought I wanted to become a painter.  Now I know that  everyone with a paint brush and paint can paint but to me a true artist is someone who steps back and feels some satisfaction from what is on their canvas is the true artist.  Each painting I do I hope that I get just a little sense of that from what I apply to what I am working on.  I think for the individual it is a life long quest.....

I want to mention that I have found a wonderful artist that shares what she does with others to try and bring that out in everyone.  I know that she has helped me rekindle that spark from years ago.
How to paint acrylic on Burlap Canvas from Hobby lobby The Night Garden art diy tutorial
Go and watch her video and hopefully you will take a little self confidence and satisfaction with you if you take the plunge into painting!!!

Here is my attempt with The Night Garden

I did this on a sheet of Canson's Canvas Paper

Parts I am pleased with and others I need to work on.... I am ok with that because it is part of my journal with creativity!

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