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Friday, December 4, 2015

Early Morning Doodle

I think I need to work on different sides of my journey in art.  I love it all but the one skill that I have yet to master is my drawing skill and decided to start a art journal with experiment and practice all the way thru.  I sit her in my office/studio that i have been filling with all sorts of supplies and think will I ever use them to create something I am satisfied with when I realized that I am one of those people that find it hard to finish anything.  I guess I get it to a certain point and like it till that stage and have a fear of doing something wrong.

I think the best thing I could do would be to put a pencil to a paper and draw,  Really look at the shape I am working on,  This is something I should to do daily.  Its like anything else the more often you do something the better you are at it.

After I spend time on my art I think I need another english/writing course with heavy work on spelling and punctuation.  Yes life is an everlasting journey in education no mater what you are doing.

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