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Friday, April 15, 2011

Lots and Lots of Layering

I have to say when I saw this cut on Wrap It Up I was going to pass it by.  But as I leafed through the Manual I thought  "hey I can do this". 

I had be surfing through the blogs (any everyday occurrence)  Looking for a little nudge to make another card!!!  Well anyway I stopped by Two Scraptastic Gals blog.  They have a challenge going on!


What caught my eye here was one of the carts you were suppose to use was Wrap It Up!  I bought this a while ago and never have used it!!  So the hunt was on  through the manual with which of the cuts I wanted to use.  I used the card , tag, and flower cut to make my card.  This Card as oddles of layers!
pop dotted extra cuts glued together.  bunches!!!  I used design studio to get all my sizes right and thank goodness I saved the projects for reference if I want to make this size again!!! (A2). This little card has really been thru the wringer between be distressed on edges inked and blinged!!!  I know now that I really need to try cuts that I normally wouldn't because sometimes it works to your favor!!!

I think I might try some different papers and layerings to see what type of look you get!!!  I would love to see what others have done with this cut on page 25 in the manual. 


Sherrie K. said...

Very nice card. I have to say I really like the distressed look of it. Thanks for sharing and good luck in the challenge!!
I am a new follower of yours, would love for you to stop by my blog and follow too:)
Sherrie K

Donna and Sara said...

This turned out really beautiful. I don't have this Cartridge, but the images you used made me add it to my list! Thankyou.

cardchick's world said...

GORGEOUS!!!!! all the details are fabulous...beautifully done.........now can you part with it?????

eunice said...

Sandi, saw your post for this beautiful card at the Cricut Message Board and had to come here to take a closer look. I'm so glad I did! Love all your projets...you are so talented & creative. I was so inspired by this lovely card, that I used it to do similar Mothers Day cards. Hope you don't mind, I posted my card on my blog with a link to your blog and this post so others can see what beautiful work you do!